Want to know who played that Steely Dan Guitar Solo? Find out here! more

This album features my Steely Dan re-works including Black Friday, Deacon Blues, Josie and Peg download

Michael Herndon (Moody Mo) and I have already done one version of this so we thought why not do an acoustic version too! This time I sing vocals on... download

"Aja," the title track from Steely Dan's 1977 album, is an intricate and expansive piece that blends jazz, rock, and progressive elements. Composed... download

This is a song that was specifically written to order to be the title theme to the 1978 film FM. It made the US Top Forty that year when released a... download

This is typical Steely Dan territory, even though it was on Donald Fagen's Nighfly album (which I contend is the best album Steely Dan never releas... download

On this one I start off on guitar with playing octaves on the melody, a typical jazz technique. I then get naughty and change the guitar sound to a... download

Guitar fans... I recreate, rather successfully, the original iconic Larry Carlton guitar solo on the intro note for note. The track wouldn't have b... download

This track features THAT guitar solo. It is rated by many as one of the top ten guitar solos of all time. The original guitarist on the record, Lar... download

If you don't know what a Fez is, it's a Moroccan hat worn popularly by comedic characters; Tommy "just like that" Cooper (UK) and Groucho Marx was ... download

HAL is a great little groove. Very typical Steely Dan chord progressions. I manage to play a lot of the melody on guitar during this track. Some St... download

This track was marked by its distinctive 'voicebox' guitar, quite an innovation at the time when it was initially released Technology has moved on ... download

At first glance this is a 12 bar blues and on one level it is but on another this is actually modal jazz with three tonal centres. Great to solo ov... download

One of the Steelies most melodic tracks that lends itself well to guitar taking the main parts, as well as a solo. Plenty of horns in the middle ei... download

Here I've arranged the horns to take the main role on what is ostensibly a 12 bar. The guitar is left to do the improvisation, keeping it slow and ... download

Plenty of melody and emotion to hang your hat on in this tune. I opt for a nice clean 'American' sound to get my Ovation Breadwinner over. Another ... download

"Bad Sneakers" is a song by Steely Dan from their 1975 album "Katy Lied." download

The great track off the Pretzel Logic album download

"Josie," the closing track on Steely Dan's acclaimed 1977 album “Aja”, exemplifies the band's sophisticated blend of rock, jazz, and funk. Written ... download

The average Steely Dan Track has forty (very difficult) chord changes in quick succession so Black Friday is the exception that proves the rule! It... download

This one's another fave track off the Aja album download

"Deacon Blues," a track from Steely Dan's 1977 album “Aja”, is a quintessential example of the band's sophisticated style, blending jazz, rock, and... download